Since 2018 various articles have been released about our work, but it is important to remember that our research has been ongoing and therefore our progress has been constant. This segment of the website is to provide members of the media with the most accurate and up to date information about our projects, so as not to confuse it with outdated information. This is also a place where we are able to provide more precise data for you, the journalist, to make your work easier and more accurate.

Our research on Atlantis began in 2016, when our team first visited Spain in order to investigate a series of structures we’d detected using a series of non invasive technologies, both on land and in the water. During this period we investigated dozens of structures in order to cross reference them with known historical sites. Fast forward to 2024 and the last eight years of research have concluded that what we have discovered is nothing short of an ancient empire which has so far never been identified.

Our team is comprised of leading experts, scientists, archaeologists, geologists, professional divers, specialists and a plethora of cutting edge technologies which have allowed us to conduct the most comprehensive research on this subject ever conducted by any team. Yes, we have discovered structures which reflect Plato’s descriptions about Atlantis, including its legendary circular island capital city. Now it remains for you, humankind, to see it with your own eyes.